Church of England Diocese of Leeds St. Paul, Wibsey


25 Oct 2020, 12:15 a.m.

From the 1st November to the ned of the month, a new daily office will be proposed on the website. After looking at the first steps of the Revelation of God and his love through Creation (September) and the Scriptures (October), we will go towards the God's revelation in Christ. This revelation will first look towards the waiting of the Second Coming until the first Sunday of Advent, which will then go back to the waiting of Christ before his first Coming (Christmas). The readings of this office will be distributed in a 2 weeks cycle; the psalms will be different every day for each office during the month. This season will focus: 1/ on our meeting with Christ when we pass away (for the first two weeks, that include All Saints. All Souls, and Remembrance Sunday); 2/ the waiting of the complete avenement of God's Kingdom (with a Sunday dedicated to persecuted Christians, and another for Christ the King of the Universe); 3/ the second coming of Christ with the first Sunday of Advent, which will mark the transition between this season and Advent.