Church of England Diocese of Leeds St. Paul, Wibsey


25 Mar 2021, midnight
Church_news From_the_Vicar Notices
NEW SAFETY MEASURES: due to the spread of the new form of the covid-19 virus in Bradford, St Paul's PCC has decided to implement new safety measures in our church.<div>

1/ From Easter, most seats in church will be set up with 1.5m of social distancing between each bubble. Some seats will still be set up with 2m of social distancing for families with children or people who cannot wear a facemask for medical reasons.


2/ The weekly service in church will still be a Service of the Word.  A decision about resumig or not the celebration of the Holy Communion will be taken in April. As the celebration of a HC is still temporarily supended in our church, the midweek HC is also still temporarily suspended until further notices.


3/ The service will be reduced to 40 min.

These decisions will be kept under constant review, and may be changed according to the evolution of the infection rate in the Wibsey ward.

Photo: Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay