Church of England Diocese of Leeds St. Paul, Wibsey


3 May 2021, midnight
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So far, during the pandemic, we helped 791 people in 240 households, delivering 5-7 days of food for each, thanks to your generosity. But it is now time to reverse to our previous organisation.

From May, our foodbank will go back to a system of only collection from church (located at St Paul’s avenue, to be accessed by the snicket running along the churchyard when the school Is open). It will be open every Tuesday (11am-12.30pm) and Wednesday (10.45am-12.30pm). We will also stop to work as an independent foodbank making our own bags, but are going back to a full partnership with the Metropolitan Bradford Food Bank: we collect food for them and take bags already prepared by them. Finally, we are also going back to the previous system of assessment: people can receive a one-off help with a self-assessment, but need to contact a social adviser from CHAS (01274 731909) to receive further help, that will be given according to the instructions of the social adviser. It is about making sure that people receive all the help they need to go back on their feet, without falling in a system of dependency. Note that people living in the areas of Buttershaw and Woodside will be redirected to their local foodbank at the Sandale Community Centre (Reevy Road West). Please, let know around you those who may be concerned. Thanks.