Baptisms, Christenings & Thanksgivings

At St John's Church, baptisms (also known as christenings) are wonderful occasions where families bring their children to formally join the family of God's church.  There is much love and joy in the building, serious and life-changing promises are made, and there's lots of imagery about light and dark, water and cleansing, death and new-life.

Baptisms usually take place as part of the main 11am worship service on the fourth Sunday of each month.  We encourage families to come and join us for at least a couple of Sundays in the weeks before the baptism service so that they can meet the congregation, get used to the church building and have the opportunity to chat and think about the Christian faith and what it means that God loves us and calls us to be his friends.

We also welcome adults who have not yet been baptised but who are interested in exploring faith and taking that step on the journey of Christian faith.

See below for an application form for infant baptism, or contact us via the 'get in touch' page to discuss adult baptism.

Some families choose to have a thanksgiving service for their little one, where prayers of thanks and blessing are prayed for the child and the rest of the family.  It is a service that speaks of God’s love and care, and is a special moment that St John's is delighted to share with families.  If this is something that you would like to think through with us, please contact us via the 'get in touch' page.

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