Bolder, Simpler, Humbler

At the Church of England General Synod in November 2020, the Archbishop of York, Most Revd Stephen Cottrell, shared a vision. He shared a vision for the Church in three words: bolder, simpler, humbler. 

A Church centred on Jesus Christ, shaped by the love of Jesus Christ. 

He went on:

“If we can recall ourselves to the central vocation of being the followers of Jesus Christ, that is the highest doctrine of the Church: to be the men and women who have been so impacted by Christ that we formed these communities of faith.”

He continued: 

“I want the Church of England to be a Church for all people in all places. I don’t know how God will bless these ideas, or how you are going to respond to them, but they are simplicity, humility, and boldness. I offer them to you. This is the simple message I think God might be calling us to be. Things change and happen when we are rooted in Christ.”

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