Faculty Applications and Public Notices for works to our Church Building

Notice is given that we are applying to the consistory court of the Diocese for permission to carry out the following:

Proposals for the replacement of the Tower roof following emergency propping (stainless steel covering).

The full specification of works are:


Further information about this project is to follow and will be available in church. 

On 16th February 2023 the PCC received a revised schedule of works in the sum of £112,380.40. This estimate is fixed until the end of July 2023. To this VAT has to be added (£22.4k) which the PCC hopes to recover via The Listed Places of Worship (LPW) Grant Scheme. The architect's fee which will be of the order of £14k plus VAT [£2.8k]. This totals c£151k.

The petitioners for works to the church building and contents are:

The Rector & Churchwardens: Revd Rachel Snow, Mr Kelvin B White and Mr Alan D White.

The Petitioners for these works, the Rector and the Churchwardens, together with the PCC members are extremely grateful for the generosity of The Trustees of The Friends of St. Peter's Church, Milton Bryan (a completely separate and non-religious organisation within the parish of Milton Bryan) who have offered £70,000 towards these works and, on receipt of a faculty, further applications to grant funding bodies will be made alongside a fundraising campaign.

What is a Faculty?... A faculty is a permissive right to undertake works to a church building or its contents. It is the duty of the minister and churchwardens to obtain a faculty before carrying out any alterations. Works undertaken without a faculty are illegal even though a retrospective confirmatory faculty may legitimise unauthorised works, and any person undertaking works without a faculty may be liable to both civil procedures (in effect for ‘trespass to land and goods’) and criminal procedures (the Criminal Damage Act applies). A parochial church council (PCC) would also be in breach of trust and a minister may also face disciplinary proceedings.

St. Peter's Church, Milton Bryan needs your prayers and support. Please pray for all who continue to give tirelessly and freely of their time, finance and gifts to sustain a faithful and active Christian presence in the parish of Milton Bryan, to uphold the bible and point to Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life. We seek to continue the mission of the church and and maintain an open church building, through regular worship, prayer, ministry and outreach. We give thanks and praise to God alone for those who have gone before us and have handed this beautiful church building down through the generations to today and for tomorrow. Please pray for us as we do for you. 

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