Paths to Peace - our Mission Action Plan

Paths to Peace – part of our new Mission Action Plan

On November 4th 2019, we celebrated the arrival of a new Rector who would be leading our benefice into Growth, Mission, and Outreach. Little did we know back then just what form that outreach would take, or how immensely challenging it would prove to be.

In his report for the St. Peter’s APCM, Revd. Paolo has given us some insight into our vision of a loving Christian community seeking to bring God’s love and peace to everyone. Point number 1 of the new Benefice 5-point plan is the development of a programme of pastoral care and outreach initiatives which he has christened ‘Paths to Peace’. Already, as part of our contribution to the Sharing in Sharnbrook project, we are finding new and proactive ways to support our more vulnerable housebound neighbours. But even when lockdown is behind us, the road to recovery will be hugely challenging, as we all struggle to regain financial and emotional stability. It will be at that stage that we begin to see the true significance of the Paths to Peace philosophy. What will it mean to each of us? 

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