About Us

Worshipping, caring, loving, sharing: inviting all  

Our main service is on Sunday at 9.45 am. There are usually 50 – 70 of us (often including 1-2 young families) and the service lasts for about an hour and a quarter. Do factor in another quarter hour at the end to meet others over a cup of tea or coffee (but we won't insist you stay if you'd rather not).

What to expect

The service is a Eucharist (praising God, remembering Jesus' last supper and his death and resurrection, and welcoming him among us). We sing hymns, hear a sermon, and are led in prayers. During part of the service a group for little children is usually available. 

Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with 'church services'. Everyone gets a leaflet to follow, and our ministers won't expect you to do any more than you're comfortable with! We stream all the Sunday services to YouTube, so you can get a taster there, but we hope you'll come in person. 

Other services and activities

1st Sunday of the month: 8 am Eucharist (praising God, remembering Jesus' last supper and his death and resurrection, and welcoming him among us) (no hymns, no coffee, a genuine but restrained welcome).

every Sunday 7 pm: Evening Prayer by telephone conference. 

Monday - Thursday 8.15 am Morning Prayer

Thursdays 10 am - noon: Art Club drop-in. Open to anyone whether you're artistic or not. Usually there is an art activity of the week, but it's also fine to do your own thing. Materials are provided but you can also bring your own. 

Sunday afternoons, and Monday to Thursday, approx. 8 am to 4 pm, the church is open for prayer, contemplation, quiet time, and an opportunity to light a candle as a prayer or a way of remembering someone who has died. 

Who we are

I am Ruth, the vicar of this parish. I have been in Stevenage for five years. I grew up in America, and have come to love a lot that English people sometimes take for granted, such as public footpaths, the NHS, and tea!

We have a team of key people, including an associate priest: the Revd Andy Thomas; lay ministers: Clive Bell, Keith Battarbee & Glynis Ireton; administrator: Janice Apthorpe; Parish Safeguarding Officer: Diane Hanlon; and churchwarden: Mary Barton