Facilities and features


Available during services and events.

Available in the accessible toilet

3 hour spaces available along the High Street, or you can pay to park behind the 'Coach and Horses' pub.

Available during services and events. We're afraid this was built so many years ago that new, larger wheelchairs do not always get through this doorway - please contact us for more information if you use a larger wheelchair.

We have a member who has Aspergers himself, and is keen to advocate.

Our main entrance (through the porch) is almost flat, and not a problem for most wheelchairs. We do have temporary ramps that can be put at that entrance when needed, and a door from the High Street which is completely flat. Most weeks we receive Communion at the chancel step (flat access). On Principal Feasts we use the high altar, and can put down temporary ramps for access if requested.

T-switch or suitably programme digital aid.

Large Print


Our Communion wafers meet the requirements both of Coeliac UK and the Church of England.

Our Building

Our east window is stained glass; the side windows are clear.

Monday - Thursday

Grade II

Music and Worship

In the 1970's the original organ was replaced by one from the redundant church at Woodhill, near Hatfield, and relocated at the west end of Holy Trinity, thus allowing space to build the upper meetings room. Part of the Woodhill organ was made by the renowned organ-builder John Snetzler and a label in his handwriting stating "Johann Snetzler fecit..." (John Snetzler made this) is hidden inside the case.

Evening Prayer by telephone uses the BCP on the first Sunday of each month.

Regular Choir

Groups, Courses and Activities

We assist the Council with overflow accommodation during Severe Weather emergencies.


Help for Visitors

Some historical information is displayed in church.

Monday - Thursday.

Other Features

We collect for the local foodbank and clothing banks every Sunday morning.

Conservation Area

Please use the Get in Touch menu item to enquire.