COVID 19 Guidance for Public Worship

Location -  all Masses will be at the Nave Altar

                   all seating is at a 2m distance

                   seating is available in single seats / pairs and designated seats for families

                   the maximum number we can have in church is 50-60 depending on size of households

Arriving at church  -   wear a face covering at all times

                                      use the hand sanitiser upon entrance and exit

                                      enter through the main doors and exit by the Lady Chapel

                                      do not mingle with any other household at all times, stay 2m apart 

                                      please complete the test and trace form or scan the QR code. 

                                      be directed to a seat and stay there 

During Mass  -   use the booklet that is on your seat and take it home 

                             no singing, no sharing of the Peace

                             remain in your seat to receive Communion, Fr Sean will come to you. Communion is                                 in one kind and the Body Of Christ will be placed in your hand. 

After Mass -  remain in your seat and leave quickly and quietly as directed 

                       do not stay and chat

                       If you wish to speak to Fr Sean on a pastoral matter remain seated . 


Do NOT attend public worship if you or a member of your household display any COVID like symptoms or have contracted the virus.  Remain at home for the Government designated quarantine period.       


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