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15 Aug 2020, 11:15 p.m.

We've become accustomed to sportsmen, and some women, displaying multiple tattoos.

Perhaps it was former England captain David Beckham who led the vanguard of heavily inked footballers using tattoos as a fashion item and repeatedly adding to their body art.

Chelsea and France star Olivier Giroud carries a tattoo that reflects his Christian faith. On the inside of his right arm are the Latin words: "Dominus legit me et nihil mihi demerit". That is the first line of Psalm 23: "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."

Giroud, who plays for Chelsea after a spell with Arsenal, is a regular worshipper at St Barnabas Church, Kensington. He explained: "I grew up with my mother bringing me every single Sunday to church. After, I just carried on and now I'm seeing a priest studying the Bible together and I feel I want to know more about Jesus Christ's life.

"Every time I read the Holy Bible it makes me feel grateful about everything that has happened to me."

Giroud, who will be 34 next month, was a member of the France World Cup-winning team in 2018. He won the FA Cup three times with Arsenal as well as once with Chelsea. He also won the Europa League with Chelsea in 2019.