Giving is a critical and fundamental part of the Christian faith. God gives us his Son and his Son gives his life for the world.

We celebrate the sacrament of love here at St Mary and All Saints' Church, Dunsfold for our life and the life of the world. We are called to a life of generous giving. We are called to give our time, our skills and our money.

We are a prayerful community, too, and we ask you to join with us in our prayers for the day that are posted on this website as you consider your giving.

If you are already making regular donations to our church we truly appreciate your commitment. Perhaps this is a time when you might reflect on your giving and, if your finances allow, give more.

And if you're new to making a financial contribution to the life and work of our church this would be a wonderful moment to start. You can donate via the link on the opening page of this site or, if you prefer, contact our treasurer Brenda Jenner at [email protected] who will set up a standing order for regular giving.