Church of England Diocese of Guildford Dunsfold

Time for YOUR Christmas reflection

24 Dec 2020, 11 p.m.
by David Whitely

The birth of Jesus was heralded. Angels declared it. People brought gifts to honour it. A star signified it, and yet at the same time, there was no place at the inn. At the same time, his birthplace was in a manger.

We should never despise or be defined by our humble beginnings. Jesus’ birth was not celebrated because of what he was doing at the time of birth but what he would do.

At that point, he was at the mercy of his parents’ upbringing, a child with no sway in the direction that the world went, but his destiny, his future was worth celebrating right then and there.

You may not have gotten to where you want to be yet, achieved what you hoped to achieve. You may not have made any major strides towards your goals, but you can commemorate the beginning of the journey. You can celebrate the start of your ventures with the hope of your brighter tomorrow.

Jesus was always looking ahead and moving according to what he knew he would do and who he knew he would become. Too often, we're crippled by our current circumstances or others' current perception of us. Well, our current condition only serves to make our future victories that much more sweet and that much more inspiring.

You're in your genesis now, but the revelation of who you really are is still coming. The book of your life is still writing itself. Don't get stuck on your current chapter when your crescendo is awaiting you.

Let that hope and that future expectation put a present smile on your face and a present peace in your heart.

David Whitely is a radio and TV presenter.