Church of England Diocese of Guildford Dunsfold


7 Apr 2021, 4:45 p.m.
Easter Notices

It probably has quite a bit to do with my job, or indeed the reason that I was drawn to communications, but I’ve always been a ‘prepare for the worst; pray for the best’ kind of person. It has a tendency, at times, to make me a bit of a buzz kill or the more negative one in the group but by preparing for the worst, I find I relax into things.

Ironically, I never anticipated a year ago, that we would be just be emerging from a third lockdown. That this would be a global phenomenon and that the words social distancing, protect the NHS and wearing a face covering, would be the norm. I think that was a good thing, the unknown in this scenario freed us from the burden of knowing too much. A luxury that Jesus did not have but one he walked towards willingly and on this Easter Wednesday encourages us – that in all difficulties, we can endure.

How different would it have felt if we had known of what was to come and how would we have coped? Instead, what I found was that even when you do not prepare for the worst, the best can come out of everyone. The spirit with which you have all embraced every piece of guidance, interpreted every option for supporting the spiritual sustenance of your communities and built newer and bigger online communities, was humbling. You endured and continue to endure. And for most of you, you have done it all without a break.

I do hope, that in this week, you can take some time. I hope this brief is met by hundreds of out of offices – not that you do not want to read it of course – but that you are taking some time to renew yourself and your energy for the next part.

Amazingly, I am saying planning and preparations can wait - they will still be there when you are back, but that a renewed you, might look at them in a slightly different light.

And if you are not on leave, let's take a moment to reflect and renew for the weeks ahead.

Your Faithfully,
Wendy Sleight, Head of Communications