About Us

Our Mission - We are called to serve our local parish and the wider community, so that what we say and do reflects our love of God in Christ Jesus such that people will find a spiritual home here with us.

Who are we? - We are a Christ-centred Church who gather together each Sunday at various services, and at activities throughout the week. [COVID Regulations permitting.] We particularly welcome our uniformed groups and our school to join us. We seek to strengthen each other and the community at large by helping and caring for one another. we try to provide a church that is lively, involved, open, informed and compassionate and where, both in times of trouble and joy, we seek through our worship to live fuller lives in the service of Christ and be lifted in Spirit with inspirational music.

Why join Christ Church? In every community, people set up home, get married, have babies, children are baptized and educated, people run businesses, achieve successes and encounter troubles, people have family troubles, people get sick, people die. The church stands in the centre of this web of life and death, joy and grief - a constant in an often inconstant world.

We feel the Church provides soul, if you will, to our community here. A place to come for contemplation. To reflect on truths that transcend our everyday worries and cares and help us to deal with them from a different perspective in the spirit of God in prayer and action.  We have a strong desire to serve this community in the name of God, and we would love to have you join us. Every Blessing.  Bishop Rob.