Church of England Diocese of Southwark Surbiton St. Andrew and St. Mark

Lent in lockdown: Living in a strange land.

19 Feb 2021, 5:30 p.m.
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On a Tuesday morning at 10am or Tuesday evening at 8pm when we will be tackling a different theme each week from the course 'Lent in lockdown: Living in a strange land' . It will be examining our experience of Lockdown in the light of the Christian scriptures and tradition
Session One: Loss of space: church closures and home life

Session Two: Being disabled by lockdown and shielding

Session Three: Being isolated, and the spirituality of isolation

Session Four: Timelessness, the feeling of endlessness, and 'accidie'

Session Five: Life and death: living in the context of our own death and resurrection.

As Robert, who will be leading the course writes:

"The themes of the course are isolation, disability, loneliness, timelessness, and life and death. If that sounds tricky, I suppose that’s because it is, but then that’s also how life is right now. It strikes me, though, that a lot of these things are areas where, over the centuries, the Christian faith has had a lot to say. Loneliness? Try the desert fathers. Isolation? The Bible takes us into the wilderness all the time. Life and death? Jesus embodies it all, literally". So each week we’ll take a different theme, examine our experience of it, and then see the Christian story can help us reshape our understanding and help us to live well</span>
It’ll run every Tuesday. You can join in the morning at 10am or in the evening at 8pm, depending on what fits in with you. There’ll be some input but also time for discussion. Each session will last an hour or a tiny bit over an hour.                                                                                                                                                                          For Zoom links to join the online Lent groups led by Robert and Michael please see your weekly email or contact the parish office at [email protected]