Christmas at St Andrew and St Mark Surbiton 2023

Welcome to our page describing our services for Christmas this year 2023 at St Andrew and St Mark's Surbiton.

Christmas Eve:

We have Christingle services at both 3.30pm and 5pm at St Andrew's Church on Maple Road. These are each about 40 minutes and are essentially the same service: it's just so popular, we have to do it twice. I'd still suggest arriving early to get a seat.

These services include a blessing of the crib, traditional carols, the story of the Nativity, a moment of candle light, all in forty minutes. Popular for all ages but very accessible for toddlers/ wriggly children. The Children's choir will only be singing at the 3.30pm one. The 5pm one is still good, though!

More solemn and mysterious and magnificent is the service of Midnight Mass. This is at St Andrew's too. The choir will sing carols in the lead up to it, from 11pm, but the actual service starts at 11.30pm. Candle-lit service with sermon, incense, choir and sermon. For many people, this is the most important service of the year. It lasts around an hour.

Christmas Day

There's a short, said communion service at 8am according to the Book of Common Prayer, that will last 45 minutes, at St Mark's (on St Mark's Hill, KT6 4LS).

Then, the main Christmas morning service is a eucharist at 10am, at St Mark's, with carols, communion, interactive sermon (that works for children and families) and - if you so choose - you can participate in the informal end-of-service Christmas jumper competition for who wears the best Christmas jumper. That's at St Mark's.