About Us

Saint George’s Church in Malaga is the oldest Anglican Church in mainland Spain. It stands in the English Cemetery, one of Malaga's well-known and historic gardens close to the city centre. The cemetery, established in 1829 on land ceded to Britain by the Spanish authorities, was the first Protestant cemetery in Spain. The church building, constructed in classical style with fine Doric columns in 1839-40 as a funeral chapel and lodge for the cemetery guard, was converted to become St. George's Anglican Church in 1890-91.

Members of St George’s come from a wide area around the city – some up to an hour’s drive away - and represent a range of ages, nationalities and denominations. They form a lively and committed team organizing a variety of successful fundraising and other activities through the year. The upkeep of the English Cemetery where the church is located is the responsibility of the English Cemetery in Malaga Foundation.

For further details please contact the Chaplain: m[email protected]