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Remembrance and national lockdown

3 Nov 2020, 4:15 p.m.
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Dear Friends,

You will now all be aware that there are new "stay at home" rules coming into effect on Thursday.

This means that during the month of November we will not be able to have services in church or acts of worship in church premises (including churchyards) except for funerals.

This means that all church services for Remembrance Day will not be able to happen.

There will be a Civic Act of Remembrance at the Town Hall in Lynton on Sunday only attended by the representatives of the community who are laying wreaths on behalf of us all, but everyone else is encouraged to stay at their own doorsteps to pay their respects.

We cannot go ahead with the corporate act of worship the church had planned in Parracombe, so if members of the community wish to pay their respects at the war memorial I would suggest that you do so individually on a walk through the church yard later in the day - keeping social distance apppropriately.

I will send out my usual you-tube video and an Act of Remembrance to make at home. The London Cenotaph service will be televised and the Exeter Diocesan website also includes links to streamed services.

So although this may not be the way we hoped mark our gratitude for all who have died and suffered in war, nevertheless, in our own way in this year of our own challenges: "We will remember them"

God bless


The Reverend Samantha Stayte

The Lyn Valley Mission Community