A message of support from Wales.

In these difficult times, when the coronavirus pandemic is over and we look back, supporting members of the wider community may have given rise to new friendships. Mike Powell, a lay worship leader at the church of St Martin in the Gower in South Wales, in searching for the Archbishop of Canterbury on line with the Mothering Sunday service found the church of St Martin in Martinhoe. He sent this message;

To Rev Samantha........Greetings from all at St Martin /St Hilary,✝️ Gower, Swansea....29 Miles due north of you across Bristol Channel. I tapped in..." a church near you" to find the Church of England website telling me of your existence......only 29 miles as the crow flies....but realistically around 140 miles by road! I eventually found your archbishops Mothering Sunday streamed service.....how lovely that was in this dreadful time. So we send greetings to all your congregation from your friends in the church in Wales. God bless.

Mike Powell ⛪️

A member of the Lay Worship Team

Mike has now sent a little video about the area where he lives and says;

So here's to our new found friendship across the sea! Stay safe and healthy....and stay in....until this dark cloud passes over the horizon.....God bless.....With best wishes to you all.