Church of England Diocese of Exeter Martinhoe

Vicar's Newsletter for the Third Sunday of Easter

18 Apr 2021, 9:45 a.m.
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Dear Friends,

In preparation for watching the reflection for today I would encourage you to reflect on all that has been life-giving this week for you. If it has been a hard week, where has the strength come to get through it; if it has felt like a good week, what are you particular sources of joy? Let’s pray for the grace to be open to receiving life from God in the daily circumstances of our lives.

This week I have started conversations with Church Wardens about returning to worship across the Mission Community. From Palm Sunday onwards the 11am Eucharist at St Mary’s Lynton is continuing and we are developing a new pattern of initially one Sunday service a month in other parishes who feel ready to host services again. Juggling the hopes and practicalities of six parishes takes time, but we will keep you informed as the new service pattern takes shape.

Similarly, arrangements for virtual APCMs (which by law have to be completed before physical distancing restrictions are lifted) will be forthcoming shortly.

It is also important that you know of new arrangements for reporting any Safeguarding concerns should they arise within the Mission Community. They should now be reported in the first instance directly to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team:

Name: Diocesan Safeguarding Team

Contact: 01392 345909 or 01392 294975

And I have attached the full list of agency numbers to this email but these details will also be accessible via the website and Church noticeboards.

Those of you who have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Marilyn, who has been on placement with us through this unusual year, have, I know really been valuing her Bible Study and more recently her Coffee Morning on Zoom. Marilyn will need to prepare to move to her curacy so we have decided to make Pentecost Sunday (23<sup>rd</sup> May) her final Sunday with us, and we will send her out with prayer and blessing at the 11 am Eucharist at St Mary’s – so put that in your diary and come and support her if you can.

Finally, I need a bit of replenishment to renew my openness to God’s liFe in the midst of daily life too (it is always good to practice what you preach!), so I am going to take a few days of Annual Leave in the coming week. If you need to contact me about anything urgent, please could you do so over this weekend, or wait until next weekend when I will return to emails and the phone!

God bless,