Church of England Diocese of Leeds Oakworth

Still 'Gathering' & Connecting.

26 Feb 2021, 12:30 p.m.
Church_news Lent Notices

The online Sunday services continue each week from 9.30am. Thank you to the many who contribute to those, and "thank you" to those who do join in via YouTube to our channel 'Oakworth Parish Churches'.

Many in our community have received their first vaccinations to help fight off the severity of Covid 19.

Home groups. Continuing to 'meet' via zoom. Monday weekly; Tuesday fortnightly; and Wednesday fortnightly.

Lent. Homegroups on a Tuesday and Wednesday are currently looking at the 'Love the Stranger', a 6 session course which looks at many aspects of migration in the Bible and today.

Careful considerations will be made in when/how we resume inside church services in some form as governmental updates and rules are announced.

Many are staying connected and sharing prayer requests, wellbeing of one another, via a group messenger chat.

If you feel particularly isolated, or need advise on how you can stay better connected to members of church family, please do 'get in touch'.