About Us

We are the local Church of England Church in Wigmore, seeking to be a welcoming and caring group of people who follow Jesus. We want to share our lives and faith with others, and try to be at the heart of the community, serving it in whatever way we can. Like all church congregations, we are in the process of working that out how we do this in a context of social distancing and Covid 19. 

We are one of four Church of England Churches in South Gillingham which make up the South Gillingham Team Ministry - the others are All Saints Hempstead, St Paul's Parkwood and St Peter's Bredhurst. Pre -lockdown some of our events were joint events with the other Churches because sometimes we could do things better together, in Lockdown this has meant having the resources to keep an online presence as the team.

As the Parish of South Gillingham, we have been offering Sunday services online since lockdown in March, and this goes live at 8am each Sunday on our Youtube channel (Parish of South Gillingham). In addition, on our Facebook Pages we have Tuesday Morning Prayer, a short Homily on Fridays, daily postings of Night Prayer, and occasional "Rector's Ramblings" - brief topical reflections followed by a prayer. 

Whilst we opened for public worship for a few weeks in December, in January, as the local infection rates soared and our local hospital  reached capacity we have decided that we should not be encouraging people to leave home and gather together even though public worship is still permitted in tier 4, so St Matthew's like all the churches in the team (and most in the area) is not open for public worship.