Food Store

Nobody should be hungry in South Gillingham, because they are unable to buy food. We are very conscious that some families and individuals in our communities may have found their income has been drastically reduced because of the economic situation and energy price rises following so soon after the coronavirus crisis.

Wigmore is one of the affluent parts of the Medway Towns, but among us there will be working people who are having to choose which bills to pay and when not to eat. Others might be waiting for benefits payments. If this is the first time you have ever needed help of this kind, it’s tough to have to face that, but we do have an emergency food store at St Matthew's so if you find yourself in need of emergency help, PLEASE MESSAGE US via our Facebook pages or phone the parish office or the Rectory and we will help. 

St Matthew's is also a collection point for the Trussell Trust Medway Foodbank.