About Us

St Margaret's is very old (Norman, possibly Saxon origins), with the first vicar on the board listed as starting work in 1227. His name was Adam - no record of his wife's name but you may guess!), very small (seating around 60) and very picturesque (the locals call it 'the Little House on the Prairie Church').

For aerial photos please go to http://www.dronetek.co.uk/#!gallery/fk2r8

It sits in a very well-maintained Churchyard amid quiet fields. Many people visit the Churchyard, and many more cycle or walk along the lane. We have a steady stream of weddings, baptisms and interment of ashes - please contact us if you would like to enquire about having your service at St Margaret's.

There is a small but dedicated congregation who worship faithfully and, through the "Friends of St Margaret's", raise money to pay for the upkeep and ministry of the Church.

You would be very welcome to join us, or to contact us to find out more. The Church will usually be open 10-12 noon every Monday.

The church is available for parishes and groups to hire for Quiet Days.

St Margaret's is part of a united Benefice with Holy Family church, which means they are separate parishes but share a Rector or Priest in Charge.  It also means people who live in St Margaret's parish can be married at Holy Family, and vice-versa.

The Benefice is part of the East Gravesend group of Anglican Churches, with St Aidan's (serving Westcourt and Riverview Park) and Christ Church Echo Square.