About Us

A 'PARISH CHURCH' like ours in the Church of England is a spiritual venue, a sacred space for all parishioners - wherever a person might identify themselves on the spectrum of faith or understanding of life. Every resident has a civic right to access their parish church not only for quiet reflection, prayers, and historic interest, but also to mark the 'seasons of life' including the celebration of a new arrival (CHRISTENING - a Christian service of blessing and thanksgiving), WEDDINGS (for people of any faith and including divorcees), and FUNERALS in church, or with the Vicar (Rector / parish priest) at a crematorium chapel, including for people who considered themselves 'not particularly religious' - many people today are 'spiritual but not religious' or might believe in 'Something' in life without wanting to give it a name; we are here for you, we are here for everyone. Contact the Upper Wensum Benefice (local parish / village grouping) Rector, the Reverend Robin Stapleford, at the 'Get in touch' tab on the left-hand column for more information or specific enquiry.

Both Shereford and Dunton churches are open daily for quiet reflection, prayer, and historic interest.

The buildings: 

Shereford (click HERE) features one of Norfolk's renowned round towers, indicating its age being around a millennium. Round towers reflect the historic lack of local limestone etc for building corners to make square towers: The solution - build them round. Norfolk has more than anywhere else in the world.

Dunton (click HERE) is officially redundant and in the care of the Norfolk Churches Trust. It remains consecrated and Services are held two or three times per year. It falls within the parish of Shereford.

Dunton has some beautiful Pre-Raphaelite style Victorian windows. Also notable for a recreated rood loft (between nave and chancel) accessed by a stone staircase. This shows a feature that most medieval churches had before the Reformation.

1976-81 a small monastic community was resident at Dunton church. See 'The Dunton Monks' tab, on left-hand column, for a history written by the last surviving member of the Brotherhood.