Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Holy Trinity Bridgwater

Coronavirus Covid-19

Holy Trinity Bridgwater & St Hugh’s Durleigh, 10th April, 2021

Our churches are open again for worship: Holy Trinity every Sunday and Thursday at 10am; St Hugh's every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 3pm.

The covid pandemic is still a very real and dangerous presence, and the country is in an extremely delicate and critical stage of trying to manage things very carefully and steadily so that we can all emerge fully and finally from lockdown in due course. Many of you will have had a first injection. Please remember that the vaccine does NOT prevent you and those you meet from contracting covid. The vaccine simply reduces the severity of the illness.

I fully understand that some folk will be very keen to return to church, some will be nervous and some will prefer not to attend for the time being. There is absolutely no expectation whatsoever that folk will attend, and I fully expect attendance numbers to be low with some choosing to stay at home. So that those who stay at home can join in, the Holy Trinity services will continue to be live-streamed via Zoom in the usual way, and will be available to watch afterwards via the website and YouTube - visit our Sunday Worship page HERE for full details.


There is no obligation on those with particular church roles to attend

The usual covid rules continue to apply to church attendance as follows:

1. Wear a face mask over your mouth AND nose at all times.

2. Sanitise your hands as you enter the church.

3. Distance yourself (at least one metre / four feet) from everyone else except those in your household. Friendship "bubbles" are NOT an exception.

4. Please refrain from all physical contact with others.

5. Do not hang around in the church after the service. Please move straight out of the building.

6. Please endeavour to use your facilities at home before the service in order to minimise use of the church WC.

It will be wonderful to have some folk worshipping in our buildings again - a real sign of new life as we celebrate the continuing life-giving presence of Jesus among us.

God bless you all,

Rev Will