Weddings at St. Peter's

For more information about getting married please watch this video

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For enquiries about weddings at St. Peter's, contact the Weddings Coordinator - Olwen Murray - 01454 633 979

Please read the following:-

>>> To marry with a Church of England  ceremony the following criteria have to be met.

If you, or your partner, are resident in the parish of Pilning and Severn Beach, you are entitled to  marry in St Peter’s. Pilning.

If you both live outside of the parish then you may qualify if :-
  a. You attend that church regularly on Sundays for 6 months.
  b. Your parents or grandparents were married at St Peter’s
  c. You or your partner were baptised at St Peter’s
  d. You or your partner  were confirmed at, or from St Peter’s.

Proof of these qualifications is required.


>>> To marry with a Methodist ceremony please contact the minister for further details.