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St Mary's Church at Astbury invites everyone, wherever they may find themselves on their spiritual journey, to join in our Christian adventure. Together as a church family, we seek to grow more like Jesus, helping carry one-another’s burdens, sharing our talents and gifts, praying and worshipping together. We do not take ourselves too seriously and we know we are far from perfect, but we do make amazing cakes.

Whether you are a regular church-goer or you just want to dip in your toes and test the water, you are sure of a warm welcome at St Mary's.


St Mary's cares passionately about the safety of all her church family and visitors.  Read how we make provision for safeguarding here.

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St Mary's Church Peel Lane, Astbury Congleton


30 Jan 2022, 11 a.m. for 45m
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St John's Church, Smallwood
School Lane
Nr Sandbach
CW11 2UT

In olden times the village plough was stored in church over the winter for safe keeping. When work on the land resumed after midwinter, the plough was blessed to bring good luck, healthy livestock and good crop yields for the villagers during the year. Although farming practice has changed over the centuries, this age old tradition is still followed in country parishes with a Plough Service held in January to celebrate farming and the work of farmers.
This year is no exception. Astbury and Smallwood will join together in thinking about and praying for those who work on the land and who produce food in our community. You will be very welcome to come and join in, check out some modern farm machines and enjoy a bacon butty!

All age/Family Family Friendly Plough Sunday Refreshments Event held outside

Read Sam's story to see what has been happening at St Mary's this autumn.

30 Dec 2021, 8 a.m.
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