Life's Big Events


Congratulations - you are getting married - welcome to this first step of the journey.

Every wedding is different and at St Mary's we can help make yours unique. We can offer you a beautiful, traditional setting and a spiritually meaningful space in which to make your promises.

If this is your local church or you have family connections with Astbury church or school, get in touch to find out more. Weddings are arranged in person with Revd Anne-Marie so do come along on a second or fourth Sunday of each month to 11am Family Service.  Our family services are very informal and all ages are welcome.

You can download a Wedding Application form from the link below or pick up one up from church; complete your details and then have an informal chat with Anne-Marie to explore your options and start planning your dream wedding.

Please note that you will both need to provide ID such as a passport.

Helpful information about a wedding in church can be found here

Download our FAQ's below for further details.

If your question is not answered there, you could email Michelle, our wedding co-ordinator at [email protected]


If you thinking about a christening for your child or yourself, please contact Lesley, our christenings co-ordinator at [email protected]

Lesley will be able to help with any specific questions you may have and explain the guidelines for baptism at St Mary's.

In case you are wondering, christening or baptism? They both mean the same. Helpful information about a christening in church can be found here

We look forward to welcoming you into the church family here at St Mary's.


A Church of England funeral is available for anyone and many people find the Church can help them through this most difficult time of loss. Although your funeral director will make the formal arrangements for you, together with Rector Anne-Marie you will be able to plan a personal service of reflection and hope in celebration of the life of your loved one.

Helpful information about a funeral in church can be found here.  

Please note that the health and safety of our congregations is paramount. The use of drones at funerals for filming, for scattering of ashes or for any other purpose is not permitted.

Wedding FAQs 24, PDF


Astbury_1_Application_Form_for_Marriage_and_Reading_of_Ba_5PM7vdn, PDF


Wedding_photography_rules, PDF


Astbury_9_Wedding_Drone_Policy_2023_04_21, PDF