Church of England Diocese of Chester Astbury

About Us

You are guaranteed a warm welcome at Astbury Church, whether you live in the area or are just visiting.

St Mary's is a much-loved, iconic church on the Green in the centre of Astbury village, her tall spire is a landmark for miles around. The church is a favoured location for the major life events of the surrounding community. We share joy in marriages and baptisms and we stand alongside in sadness at the passing of loved ones.

This was the parish church for the wider Congleton district from Saxon times until 1867. The present building, which is Grade I listed, was preceded by a wooden church until 1150 at which time medieval masons began their working in stone, taking 300 years to produce the familiar outline we know today.

Yet the church is just a youngster compared to the ancient yew tree in the churchyard. Tree ring dating suggests a venerable age of two thousand years making it a mere sapling at the time Jesus was at work in Palestine.

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