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Ladbroke church building is a historical and architectural gem and the people linked with it are friendly and welcoming.  Please use the menu to find out more.   We are having major repair work done so the building is closed except to contractors Monday-Saturday.
On Sundays, government regulations  and repairs permitting, the building is open for morning service &/or private prayer 2-4pm.  
The latest information from the government states that we are in Tier 4 and although we can hold services in church, these will be on-line only for a while. For more information and to check times see here .

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All Saints for all Generations Project, funded by many generous donors and The National Lottery Heritage Fund
The repairs are making good progress and on 28th January there is a virtual tour behind the scaffolding.  
Read about the project here,  take a look at pictures in the gallery or check out our 'Ladbroke Heritage' Facebook page and @ladbroke_heritage on instagram for regular updates, amazing photos and more!

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Rev Andy Batchelor

The Rectory 2 Vicarage Lane Harbury Tel 01926 714295

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Sorry but there is no access at all for the next few days, please contact Jackie if you absolutely must to go inside.

Join us on-line on Thursday 28th January at 2pm to discover what's been happening behind the scaffolding.

14 Sep 2020, 11 a.m.
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