Bells and Bell Ringing

Our Bells

After many years of planning and fund raising, in 2007, a new ring of 8 bells was installed in the belfry. At that time there were no experienced bell ringers remaining in the village. It had not been possible to ring the original 3 bells in full circle ringing for some 40 years, The Derbyshire Diocesan Association for Church Bell Ringers organised training and now we have a band of ringers all from Hartington.

Bell Ringing - Hartington Church Ringing Times

Practice has traditionally been on Tuesday evenings from 19.30 to 21.00.

Visitors are usually very welcome  If you are considering joining our practice it would be advisable to contact our Secretary or Tower Captain.

Service ringing generally commences 30 minutes before service start times but we do not ring before 9.00 or generally after 21.00 with the exception of Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Visiting bands are also welcome but to minimise disturbance to both residents other visitors to the village, we do limit visits. If you would like to bring a band to ring please contact our Secretary.


Secretary - Malcolm Hawton - tel : 01298 84256 email : [email protected]

Acting Tower Captain - Dr Christopher Dullage - tel : 01298 84220 email: [email protected]

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