Black History Month

What has a white Caucasian, middle class male with a privileged education in common with a black-skinned, mixed race female who has often struggled with education and adversity? The answer is that both are interested in exploring with other people the issue of racial justice, listening to and sharing stories and perceptions and, above all, seeking to understand God’s mind about this difficult issue. Both are also priests, working together in Hartlepool.

Following the murder of George Floyd in Mineapolis in 2019 and demonstrations in our own country including one that toppled the statue of the former slave trader Edward Colson in Bristol, racial justice was the subject of the Diocese of Durham’s Lent course earlier in the year, so we will use some of the material that was generated for that. October has been Black History Month. But we will start by exploring what the Bible has to say about racial justice and go on to share, and pray with, what our own experiences have taught us. We hope it will be a safe space where everyone can say what they truly think and everyone will be listened to. Chatham House rules will apply (nothing that any individual says will be made public outside of the room).

Do come and join us. Fulthorpe Chapel, Stranton Church, from 7:45 to 9:15 on Thursdays 4th, 11th and 18th November.

Revd Michelle Delves

Revd Andrew Craig