We are looking forward to sharing with you on your special day. We have a small, intimate church which is just right if you have fewer than 100 guests. It is light, bright and open. Everyone will be able to see you make your vows.

If you live in the parish (Manthorpe Village, Manthorpe Estate and along Manthorpe Road to the Belton Lane traffic lights) or if you have a specific, demonstrable link with the parish, then you are automatically entitled to get married in the church. If not then you will need to have your name on our electoral roll. You qualify for this by worshipping with us for 6 months.

Of course, we would be very pleased to have you worship with us at any time whether there is a legal requirement to do so or not. Other couples have said that they enjoyed their wedding more because they felt that they ‘belonged’ in the church.

For more information about church weddings click here.

There are standard fees set by the Church of England and Parochial Church Council for weddings in the Parish. It costs around £500 to be married at St John’s. The services of an organist and the provision of flowers can be arranged. Additional fees are payable for these.

Initial contact about weddings at St John’s, Manthorpe, should be through the Parish Office (answerphone) on 07434 516 116 or email the Parish Administrator