Baptism, or Christening as it is also called, is the way in which we join the Christian Church, and celebrate what God promises for each individual. As such it is a very significant event in the life of anyone, whether a baby, a child or an adult.

At the Baptism Service promises and declarations are made by those being baptised, or by their Parents and Godparents on their behalf. Godparents must be baptised persons.

St John’s welcomes anyone living in, or with a strong connection to, the Parish who presents themselves or their children for Baptism.

For young people and adults the normal practice is to attend a series of confirmation classes prior to Baptism. These courses are usually run on an annual basis.

Where babies or children are presented for Baptism, the parents will be contacted and will normally be asked to attend a Sunday service before the Baptism date to familiarise themselves with the church.

The Baptism will take place either at a service of public worship, or at a special Baptism service held normally on a Sunday at 11:30am. St John’s is a small church building and we ask that you limit the size of your party to 35. This will allow us to hold two baptisms at the same time.

You will be invited to attend the next Family Service following the Baptism. At that service the congregation on behalf of the Parish and the whole church promises to welcome and nurture those being baptised. The Parish take this promise seriously, and will be keen to ensure that support in spiritual matters is always available.

And best of all the Church claims for those who are baptised that:
“God has touched you with his love and given a place among his people. God promises to be with you in joy and sorrow, to be your guide in life, and to bring you safely to heaven.”

There are no fees payable for Baptism. A retiring collection will be taken at the close of the service for the work of the church.

If you wish to enquire further about Baptism please contact the Parish Administrator in the first instance. Telephone (answerphone): 07434 516 116 or email the Administrator