Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Epworth

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Rector of the Benefice of the Epworth Group of Churches

The Revd Paul David Wilson

Tel: 01427 872528

Email: [email protected]


Mrs Penny Birks

Tel: 01427 872012

Email: [email protected]

Miss Susan Storey

Tel: 01427 875145

Email: [email protected]


Mrs Penny Birks

Email: [email protected]

Tourism Officer and Ringing Captain:

Mr. M A Rose

Tel: 01427 872080

Email: [email protected]

All enquiries relating to visits should be made through the Tourism Officer

Please note that for group visits there are set charges:

Visit plus short talk - £3.50 per person

Visit only - £1.00 per person

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The Revd Paul Wilson

Epworth Rectory 16 Belton Road Epworth Doncaster