07. Educational Visits

Educational Visits

Since the reopening of the Church in 2013 following the extensive reordering works there have been a number of school visits.

The junior class of the Wroot Travis Church of England School have had an activity day in the Church.

South Axholme Secondary Academy have made several visits covering a range of curriculum requirements such as history, community engagement and the production of a tourist guide. A number of Primary Schools from the Isle of Axholme came on a pilgrimage on the 1st June 2014.

The Parochial Church Council welcomes schools to use the Church with its enhanced facilities for education purposes.

A number of interpretation facilities are available in the newly formed heritage room which is housed in the base of the tower.

The facilities which cover historical and archectural topics include browsing books, display panels and an audio visual display. At the entrance to the church an information system can be found for use with G4 phones and tablets.

A community 'heritage wall' has been produced by local schools, representatives of community groups and in some instances individuals. This is mounted on the north aisle wall and contains a wealth of information to be explored further.