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Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish Church in Coldhurst (West Oldham) - part of the Anglican (Cof E) diocese of Manchester. We have been serving & worshipping in the area since 1848. Our Vicar David Austin only arrived in 2018 and lives next door to the Church.                                                                                                       We are a friendly inclusive Church with a mixture of ages, ethnicities, sexualities etc.                                                                                            We have three Church schools in the area (two primary / one secondary) and several Care homes.                                                                   We seek to provide a friendly and safe space to explore faith and friendship with weekly social groups.

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Barry Ratcliffe

C/o Holy Trinity Vicarage,
46 Godson Street
Oldham Lancs.

Church Warden
0161 345 3367
Liz Scoltock / Barry Ratcliffe - Church Wardens.
07979 243019