Who we are

We are situated at the end of Chadderton, but NOT in Manchester as the locals will tell you! We are a changing parish, with lots of new people joining us, and many wanting to explore their Christian faith more deeply. We aim to provide lively and meaningful worship that enables people to come as they are, but not to go without the opportunity to be transformed by meeting with Jesus. We hope that we, as a family, can be of service in that process, and while we may sometimes get it wrong, we are all on the same journey and would love to walk with you if you are interested in meeting with us.

Some of our folk have been with us since they were born, and others have only recently joined us since they were born, and everyone else has joined us along the way. While a small group, we are diverse in experience, age, tradition, outlook, faith and taste. We are always happy to welcome people to come and join with us, and always somewhat surprised when we find that people come along and stay with us.