A church wedding is the most beautiful and most loving way to be married. Surrounded by your family, friends and held in the love of God there is no better way to declare your love and commitment to each other.

If you’ve just got engaged and you’ve just started planning the big day the Church of England has a brilliant planning tool to help you understand how a church wedding works, what happens when and also helps you choose hymns, readings and walks you through all the options available. There’s even a handy countdown guide that suggests the things you’ll need to think about as you plan your church wedding at St Anne's.

You are welcome whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are christened and regardless of whether you go to church or not. It’s your church, and we welcome you. To be married at St Anne's you will need to either live in the parish or have a qualifying connection to the parish. If you wish to find out more please contact Revd Liz Devall on 07725 739506.