Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. James Daisy Hill

The House of Good

24 Oct 2020, 2 p.m.
Before Covid-19 struck, at the National Churches Trust we had already started to investigate the complex economic and social value of church buildings. We stayed in touch with local churches throughout the pandemic and added to our research. The combined result is “The House of Good”, a ground-breaking study that sheds new light on what we always knew instinctively, that church buildings are incredibly valuable to modern society. The report was launched on Monday 19 October at an online event hosted by journalist and broadcaster, Huw Edwards.</span></span>

As we move forward, it is the local churches that will be there to help people, as they have been for many centuries, through both good and bad times. However, despite local volunteers’ best efforts, a large repair bill or the need for basic facilities like toilets and catering facilities can limit activities or even lead to closure. Due to increased uncertainty around public funding and now the impact of Covid-19, many are at greater risk at a time when local communities are in greater need. Without significant help, we will lose these “houses of good” and we will all be poorer as a result. We cannot let these buildings crumble. Not only are churches our heritage, and our past, they are integral to our futures.

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To find out more read the report click on the link below