Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. James Daisy Hill

Bookings for Christenings Postponed for the moment, Weddings and Funerals are now possible

 We regret that currently to attend a church service you need to book, funerals and weddings, can take place baptismes are suspended for the moment as part of the government's strategy to deal with the COVID19 emergency.  During these uncertain, times for up to date information on bookings already made or ones you would like to make, please contact the Team Rector Rev. Carol Pharaoh    01942 859251 / 07395 933784 . 

To arrange a date you will need to contact the Team Rector Revd. Carol who holds an office hour at St Bartholomew’s church in Westhoughton each Wednesday between 11.00 am and 12.00 when bookings are made for events such as Weddings and Christenings. Because we are part of a Team ministry the diary is compiled centrally at the moment. 

At St James’ Christenings can take place on one Sunday afternoon each month when two or three families gather together for a Christening Service or by arrangement they can take place as part of the 10.45am Sunday morning communion service.When you have arranged a date for a Christening, a meeting with you will be arranged to discuss the full details of the service.

Is there a charge ? a question frequently asked when booking a wedding or christening service. The simple answer is there are fees for a wedding service however a christening service is free.

Part of the fee for a wedding goes to St. James church to contribute to the ongoing expense needed to keep the doors of this 140 year old church open, provide heating, lighting, music and the verger who prepares the church, opens the doors and welcomes your guests.

Our ministry team have an open Baptism policy which means that they will not refuse to arrange christening or baptism for anyone, child or adult who asks for it. They offer baptism to families whatever shape that family takes as part of the service of the church to the wider community.

At St. James’  we appreciate all donations contributed to the church so we can keep the doors open and continue to welcome families to Christening Services. You might like to advise your guests that a retiring collection plate will be available as they leave the church.

Car Parking  Although the church does not have a car park we can arrange for parking to be available at Daisy Hill Football Club, just a short distance away on St. James Street. Please ask about this when booking a wedding or christening

The Revd. Carol’s contact information is below.

Revd Carol H Pharaoh

The Rectory

Market Street

Westhoughton, Bolton BL5 3AZ

01942 859251

We hope this information is helpful to you

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