About Us - Who's Who ...

There are many who give their time - mainly unpaid - to the life of the church in Westerham; many work away quietly, whilst some hold an official position:

Priest in Charge (Vicar) and Chair of PCC

   Revd Dave Fox-Branch


   Rodney Pomfret (Vice Chair)

   Christina Cusick

Deanery Synod Representative

    Karen Smart

    Catharine Boston

PCC Members (in addition to vicar, churchwardens and Deanery Synod Representatives)

    David Booker   

    Gillian Burmester

    Judy Duffield

    Revd Wendy Harvey

    Andy Leather

    Anna Morris

    Bruce Nuttall

    Rachel Preston

    Rodney Pomfret

    Katy Secombe

    Karen Smart

    Kevin Willcox


   Anna Morris

Legacy Officer

   Guy Farage

Electoral Roll Officer

   Karen Smart 

Safeguarding Officer

   Sue Leather

        Safeguarding Team

             Judy Duffield (Safer Recruiting)

              Judy Duffield (DBS Checking)

              Supported by Alyson Coughlan, who records training course attendance

Parish Administrator and PCC Secretary

   Alyson Coughlan 

Digital Communications

   Gillian Burmester

Contact via the Parish Office