Church of England Diocese of Rochester Westerham

About Us

Our Church building is up to 800 years old, but Jesus Christ has been regularly worshipped here for well over 1000 years.   Still at the centre of Westerham life, we aim to make St Mary’s and its Christian message relevant to today’s community and for future generations by serving Christ, Westerham and the wider world.

At the heart of who we are and what we do are the commandments – “Love God, love each other”.  This drives what we do and how we do it.  ("For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (NIV))    As vicar, my vision for the future is to see this put into practice:

• To see a church where… we are excited about the love and forgiveness we have found. Where we come together to worship God joyfully, inviting our friends and neighbours to share in the Good News we have found.

• To see a church where… we are hungry to know more about God, where we make coming together a priority in small groups as well as a Sunday to learn more and to deepen our faith. Where prayer is a priority, where we spend time with God seeking His heart.

• To see a church where… our love overflows outside the church walls, meeting the practical needs of those around us – locally and further afield - making a difference where there is need and bringing hope.

• To see a church where…  we have the courage to challenge injustice and speak up for the downtrodden, where we pursue peace and reconciliation amongst ourselves and beyond the church walls.

• To see a church that cares about the world we live in – considering the impact we have on our environment – in Westerham and the wider world.

This is my vision for St Mary’s - it’s all about discovering the things God cares about and doing something about it. 

'Church' is not just something 'attended' on a Sunday; or something 'the vicar does'.    'Church' is a community of people coming together to worship God, to share their gifts and abilities to encourage each other, to make God known in the world.   But it is not just about 'doing things', it is about 'being', or perhaps better described as 'becoming' - coming together to discover more about Jesus, to deepen our faith in him, to live as he showed us to live and to become more like him.

Everyone is welcome to come and visit and join us.

Revd Kevin Barnard

You can read more about us in our annual reports - these are located on the Charity Commission website - select View "Accounts" for the year you are interested in; the financial statements are preceded by a description of our aims and what we are doing to meet them.