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Thought for the week - need for communication

3 Jul 2020, 7 p.m.
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The need for communication

Through being encouraged to keep in touch we have had some good phone conversations and ( I think)got to know one another better. This leads to a greater appreciation both that we are ' all in this together' but also how different we all are in personality, life experience and gifts, and that we find different aspects of the current situation challenging. I hope this leads to greater self- awareness and acceptance of others generally. I think that anxiety/depression can make a person withdrawn and less likely to ask or see the need for contact so someone in the group making regular contact is important. One member of the group sets me a good example in this.

Opportunities to live out our faith?

It's good to have more time to listen to other people, now that we are at home without the 'distractions' of nice things like holidays etc. The difficulties give us extra opportunities to acknowledge our dependence on God, to be more trusting in God for the future, and to try to be kinder and more accepting towards others, to try to become more like Jesus.


Inadequate practical IT skills. We've just communicated by email if it's been sharing info , or by phone for 1:1. I am OK with this. We haven't tried to set up a whatsapp group or zoom meetings.

It is difficult getting a balance between keeping in regular contact, but avoiding pestering or prying.

Probably all members of our group have concerns about family members and some who would otherwise be busy with practical grandparenting locally feel frustrated they may not or cannot do this.

Maintaining good family and friend relationships is harder when we can't meet physically: misunderstandings easily arise and people may take offence more easily when stressed.

Prayer points?

We thank God that so far we are reasonably well ,or at least stable , and that we are coping practically.

Please pray for good communication and family relationships. Pray for us not to feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar things we have to deal with. Pray that we and our loved ones may rest in God's love.