Services and Sermons

These are the regular services being held at Christ Church:

Communion services will be held every Sunday at 9am in church.   Many people still choose to wear a face covering and observe social distancing, but this is not compulsory.  Communion is offered with the wafer 'intincted' (dipped into the wine), and gluten free communion wafers are always available - please just ask the welcomers as you enter the church.

Family service will be held each Sunday at 10.30am  The words for the service will be available on the event page (go to services and events, select the calendar and pick the relevant event from the calendar, then open the attachment to the event).

Forest church will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of the month.  This will be at 4pm in the church yard.  Please using our get in touch page or contacting us via our facebook page for more information.

Online services  We are investigating live streaming our services from the church building and hope to have this in place soon.  In the meantime you can find a link to a recorded sermon and readings above. There is also a recent sermon preached in our church provided as an attachment to this page, which you can download and read.  A suggested service is to read the suggested bible readings, listen to the online sermon and say the Lord's prayer at the start or the end of the sermon.  The diocese also have a weekly sermon available.