Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Stannington

Eco/Wildlife Church

They say it's just a drop in the ocean

As if that's a reason to stop

But maybe the've forgotten the ocean

is entirely dependent on drops (Harry and Chris)

This lent we collected for the Toilet Twinning Scheme this provides safe toilets and clean water for people in remote areas such as Nepal as in the video above. Thank you for your support we were able to twin 11 toilets which was an amazing achievement. 

Around 1:4 people do not have access to clean water safe toilets and water supplies. this charity works to both build toilets for people in areas of conflict but mainly to educate communities on why it is important to have clean and safe water and toilets. These people often do not know that this is a source of infection and disease. By educating a whole community as well as supporting them to build their own clean toilets, toilet twinning works towards having a safer and cleaner future. 

We are also working towards increasing the wildlife in the churchyard so please visit the churchyard, you might like to join in the angel trail.