Our Vision

Worship, community and mission are the three core purposes of our church and drive all our church activities and underpin our life together with Jesus Christ.

The following statement was developed for the 50th anniversary of the church here in Ravenshead:

Imagine … a church, where you can be yourself and everyone is welcome, whatever their age, gender, colour or sexuality.

Imagine a place where all can worship, whatever their ability or understanding and each person plays their part.

Here you will not be judged by how you look or what you earn, nor by how successful you are.

Here people will care when you’re suffering and be happy when you are celebrating.

Imagine a place where the vulnerable are protected, friendships are formed and hope is palpable.

Imagine a place where Jesus is honoured, the Holy Spirit is active, God’s presence is known and felt … and where there’s healing for the wounds you carry around inside.

From here, Christ’s disciples can be sent out strengthened to transform the world.

Imagine a place to which people will gladly come in times of joy and celebration, as well as times of need, knowing that this is THE place for people of any and every age, and in any and every circumstance to find the transforming love of God.

This is church at its best. Our vision is to make it more like this more often.

Please do have a read of Revd Kate latest review, 'A Ship in Full Sail' given at the Annual meeting in March 2023 and attached below.

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