Children are very important in our church. We want to value them, listen to them, and help them to grow in faith. We are continually thinking about how we can make church a really welcoming place for children and their families. We are always open to new ideas of how we can do this, so please do let us know if there if you have any suggestions

Junior Church

This is mainly aimed at those in primary school but older children are very welcome. Little ones are also welcome but pre-school children, toddlers, and babies must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We have a monthly pattern of activities during term time.

First Sunday of the Month: No supervised activities are available this week during the service but the children's table is available for children to use if they wish. We ask that parents and carers would supervise their children if they are seated at the table. After the service, children are invited to join our priest, Jess around the children's table for Hot Chocolate / Juice and a chat.

Second and Third Sundays of the Month: Supervised activities are available at the children's table followed by Junior Church in the back room after the first set of worship songs. Children are returned to their parents in time to share communion together as a family. Children who have not yet gone through admission to communion or confirmation are offered a chocolate button (dairy, nut, and gluten free) as a physical sign of God's blessing alongside a prayer.

Fourth Sunday of the Month: Supervised activities are available at the children's table but there is no Junior Church this week. 

Toddler and Baby Area

Next to our children's table we have an area with a comfy chair, some cushions, some books and a few toys for those who are feeding little ones or have wriggly toddler that might need to move around a bit. Please also feel free to use the fellowship area at the back of church if you need to spread out a bit. If you would like a private space to feed your baby, please do let a warden know and we can make a space available for you. We also have a small supply of nappies if you find yourself without the necessary supplies. Please just ask and we will be happy to help.